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Junkyards & Salvage Yard Parts

You could spend a fortune buying car parts for you vehicle

When your vehicle breaks down you are either unprepared or without any money to do the repairs, worst comes when the parts cost more than the labor.

Does Your Car Require A New Motor? Think About A Remanufactured Engine

It is a common practice that people throw away the things that they consider junk. But, is junk totally useless? Perhaps, everyone has some scrap either in their garage, closet or backyard. You may be thinking of disposing it. But is it just to make space for piling up new ones? Surely not! If you do not have any better ideas in this one, then how about making a home junk yard! You can manage one even in a limited space. All you need is a scaffold or a small scissor lift to place useless items at heights. Now the big question is where exactly can you get useless items from?

I was kind of sad to give the car back to my uncle. I dare say, it did inspire me to go to a junkyard and get a proper seat for the passenger's side of my old Mustang.

Gas Guzzling

The 90's were the gas guzzling crazy and well into 2000 we were still buying SUV's and trucks that ate gas like we drink water. There is still to this day no such thing as an energy efficient SUV so there is no real reason to buy one unless you need that size vehicle. Are you a two person family with an SUV? Sell it for cash. Do you only have one child? Get cash for your car and get a hybrid minivan.

We kids enthusiastically participated in the paper and scrap metal drives which were organized to help the war effort. We canvassed the neighborhood and pestered the housewives to scour their basements and attics and we hauled the material to the junkyard in our coaster wagons.

I had limited experience raising a garden so Mother gave me instructions and helped till it. Around the 4th of July, the tomatoes slowly started to ripen. Mother weighed the ripe tomatoes and packed them neatly in a 10 lb. basket and sent me off into the neighborhood. I was surprised how receptive the neighbors were. It didn't take me very long to sell all my basket of tomatoes. It really didn't take much salesmanship as vine ripened, fresh, home-grown tomatoes more or less sell themselves.

I am sure that Janet Napolitano is a wonderful, gifted, and smart individual. She spent her adult life as a lawyer and politician, which in Washington, qualifies you for all presidential appointments. She reminds me of a sweet librarian. But, she is no John Wayne!

Most people don't like spending hours on the road, mainly because it isn't always safe to drive. You would think some people got their driving licenses in lucky packets while some are driving second hand cars in South Africa you are sure shouldn't belong on the road in the first place. How do you know if your own car is safe?


Many people do not know how to get rid of useless scrap metal or electronics. Moving around the neighborhood, you may have noticed a television set lying in someone's garden. Or perhaps, you came across an old baby crib, or a box of toys lying in someone's front lawn. These items may not be used anymore, but are quite valuable.

Unfortunately, L. let her guard down too soon, letting her cat run free in a park unfamiliar to her one day, thinking L.C. needed some fresh air and exercise since she was having trouble adjusting to indoor life again. Before long unleashed dogs were set on her by some idiot who considered it highly amusing, and the little tabby headed out of the park, her human running after her frantically calling her, and into a place even worse. L.C. chose a yard completely filled with junked vehicles and parts, other assorted garbage--a veritable rats' paradise--and about eight dogs, not to mention about as many small children who were about as civilized as these salvage yard dogs. The adults, as well, matched their juvenile and canine counterparts in disposition and mentality.







Cash For Your Vehicles- Get Rid Of Junk

They had a little backyard in the back yard and another one down more than the riverbank. Because you'll be investing so much time in your garage, you'll get to know your vehicle pretty nicely

If you have a spare car lying in your driveway that doesn't run anymore or has been neglected far too long to be taken out on the streets then you can sell it off to a car salvage company. Such companies basically restore these cars and then sell them off as reconditioned vehicles as part of their basic business operations.

Sell your junk car